This is my entry for the TOMORROW Challenge. The assignment was to create a personal interpretation of

Tham & Videgård´s School of Architecture at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.



I analysed the building and the context in which it is located. The concept is a university exposition in the triangular front square during the summer. I want to represent the continuity of university life between internal and external spaces, a moment of students aggregation and social meeting


The basic 3D model was provided by the TOMORROW studio.

I modified the arrangement of some elements and added details to the facade and the square


This is for me the most important element of an image but also the most complex. I tried to frame the relation between the square and the new circular building.



This project was a good opportunity to install and try to use the CoronaRender engine so I used a combination of different HDR and Coronasun to find the right light condition. After some tests I realized that daylighting did not convince me much so I switched to a evening light to emphasize the contrast between the warm school interiors and blue exterior.


I decided to keep the main existing materials, so with the help of the reference photos I made the various shaders: nothing complicated, just a composite map with different textures for the Diffuse,

Refl. Glossiness map and Bump or Displace map.



I added to the scene all the elements that help define the concept, ivy on the wall and 4 birch trees.

I think vegetation is one of the essential elements of every image.



For me there is no difference between working in the 3D environment or in post production,

both workflows are according to the final result:

create an artistically effective image that satisfies the customer.

For this project I chose to work for a 60% to the base render and 40% with post production

to obtain an image closer to an artwork than a photograph.

(the image in 4K resolution + relative render elements took about 5 hours)


I really love working with Adobe Photoshop. It allows you to have almost infinite creative freedom and be very flexible in terms of last minute changes for the customer. The first part of the work consists in composing the different channels and make the various adjustments.


Another key factor of the concept is the inclusion of university students. To give character to the image I have personally photographed the principal subjects and then I cut the shapes, paint the lights and shadows and make the photos look like the underlying render. The most difficult task was the implementation of various photographs because I didn't have a photo set with the correct lights available.


The last part consists in adding the various effects like glare, fog, dust, and colour correction

to make the image attractive and atmospheric:

I prefer an image perhaps less photorealistic but with more personality.

I want to thank the TOMORROW studio and Ronen Bekerman for this great opportunity

to test myself with a different and very interesting project!